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SOMA Enemies (major spoilers)
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GhylTarvoke Offline

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RE: SOMA Enemies (major spoilers)

(10-13-2015 03:01 AM)hollowleviathan Wrote:  I thought the logs you could visit in the third building in the Abyss implied/stated the Leviathan was a WAU-modified large fish of some kind?

I don't think so. We hear that WAU modified various abyssal creatures, including a giant squid, but there's no indication that the Leviathan is ever discussed. It certainly doesn't look biological. The super-secret files say that the Leviathan and the spider robot are made from similar materials.
10-15-2015 10:19 PM
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Queenixx Offline
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RE: SOMA Enemies (major spoilers)

(10-13-2015 07:50 PM)Kein Wrote:  
(10-13-2015 08:19 AM)Paddy™ Wrote:  
(10-03-2015 03:05 PM)Kein Wrote:  He does comes to life and "works" like "infected/resurrected crying woman"

(10-03-2015 09:05 PM)Kein Wrote:  UNLESS I'm mistaken, isn't the second ressurected enemy is him? I mean, he is lying around in that hallway at Omicorn ffor a while but once you get the chargepack he is gone. I always assumed he was the second "resurrected crew member" since it did not cry, just moan or something.

Do you mean the final monster who chases you back into the suit room, when Simon yells "lock the door"? I just checked (thanks godmode!) and it's the same enemy who's in the power room:


I still haven't seen the Patchwork Man anywhere except when he's lying on the ground.

Hmm, that's weird. He does disappears from his place tho. I wonder why FG decided to remove him from encounter?

To be honest I thought the patchwork man was the robot monster in the room, but the robot girl runs downstaires and chases you through the corridor...
05-24-2017 10:23 AM
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cantremember Offline

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RE: SOMA Enemies (major spoilers)

It's the robot girl, although she doesn't "run downstairs and chase you". She's already standing in the room before the corridor once you get there, and starts chasing you once you're in the corridor.
She also kind of just appears there, as you can meet her in the power room, and then go downstairs and meet her there again without a logical way of her getting there.
06-08-2017 08:16 AM
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