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[Spoiler] Was Brandon Wan left behind?
PiratesFr33k Offline
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[Spoiler] Was Brandon Wan left behind?

Does anybody remember if Brandon Wan had his brain scan on the ARK?
In Theta, Simon puts the copy of Brandon in that simulation in order to get the security cipher, as you'll all remember. But that was just an "additional copy" we got from the original scan, right?

Somewhere on the web (I think it was on Reddit or the Steam forums) I read that people were angry about Catherine only giving you the option of erasing the Brandon Wan data or simply shutting down the system. (Well... first of all, it wasn't Catherine giving you those two options. The computer interface itself only had those two buttons.) The people in that forum thread thought that there should have been a third option in which you could choose to take Brandon Wan's data with you and put it on the Ark.

But that's redundant, right? Brandon Wan's data is already on the Ark, isn't it?
10-17-2015, 05:44 AM
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ninj4lettuce Offline
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RE: [Spoiler] Was Brandon Wan left behind?

In the room with the ARK prototype you'll find Catherine's to-do list and the following message, both indicating that she already loaded all the scans onto the ARK but also that some people did not get scanned.

Quote:"I have decided to finalize the ARK with the scans we have. I'm sorry for all of you who wanted to go but didn't get a chance to scan yourself before the project was put on hold. It's been two months since I've added a scan and I don't see how I'll ever be able to win back the support you all showed when we started the project. I'm sorry. I never meant for anyone to take their lives, it was never my intention to fool anyone. I just wanted to save something."

I think I saw a note somewhere telling people at Omicron to go get scanned, so maybe they didn't make it on board? I can't confirm that one though.

Brandon obviously got on the ARK, I'm more interested in knowing if there will be two scans of Catherine on there.
10-17-2015, 06:18 AM
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