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Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)
cantremember Offline
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RE: Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)

One I recently noticed... if you pull the switch that tortures Carl Semken, and then pull it back.. you can get some more dialog out of him.

He will ask to summon a doctor, Simon will suggest a mechanic would make more sense, and Carl will get mad and call you delusional.

If you electrocute him for too long he won't respond.

And a trick to shut him down entirely without having to deal with the construct: Pull the lever to torture him, then open the panel to the comm. center. Now you can still go and turn the other switch to turn off Carl entirely, and the comm. center is already open so you can run up there the construct won't have time to get you.. I think that's the best of both worlds: no indefinitely hurting Carl and no dealing with the construct.Angel

Also in Delta, if you kill the UH helper for his chip, the K8 robot won't follow you around anymore.. he also won't rescue you anymore if you jump off into the abyss.
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11-28-2017, 10:38 AM
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Aneryr Offline
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RE: Things you may not have noticed (spoilers ahoy!)

that's amusing, I didn't notice most of the things mentioned above! thank you or these posts, you opened my eyes! you are very attentive users!
12-13-2017, 12:44 PM
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