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[SPOILERS] SOMA Theme song...
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[SPOILERS] SOMA Theme song...

... Should have been used better.


Such an amazingly epic theme song!

I just imagine this one playing off in the background as Simon enters the area with the space gun, looping faintly in the background until the upload sequence starts, when it gets louder until the scan completes.

I can really imagine the emotional buildup this would provide, only to get the ending slapped in your face afterwards. Would truly provide a dramatic and tense feeling.

The only time I can remember it being used was at the 2nd -> 3rd Simon scan?

Much love to Frictional Games for making this game, truly probably the top 3 best games I have ever played. Too bad my friends are too big pussies to play it Big Grin Boy are they missing out...
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10-27-2015, 09:22 PM
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