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Frictional Games Material Channel
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Video  Frictional Games Material Channel

This is the thread where I advertise my YouTube videos for Frictional Games material. This includes top 10 videos, lore videos, mod reviews and more. I officially made my channel dedicated to Frictional Games stuff because no one else seems to have a channel dedicated to this company (besides Frictional Games themselves), but I'd love to take the spot for this company as many others have channels dedicated to video game series and companies such as "TheGamerJoint" for Kingdom Hearts and "MrMattyPlays" for Fallout 4 news. Sense I've been a pretty big fan of Frictional Games since I was 12, I thought it would be the perfect plan for the direction of my YouTube channel and thought that maybe I can gain a small audience, which would be pretty cool. Feel free to make suggestions on what videos I should make next in this thread or in the comments on YouTube! Big Grin

My Channel

I'm going to play Lethe without recording just to enjoy it by myself without having to comment on everything. The lets play videos of Lethe went barely noticed when uploaded and got very few views and likes, telling me there's not much interest in them at all.

Latest Video:

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