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If you bought more than one copy, you might be able to do some good for FG...
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If you bought more than one copy, you might be able to do some good for FG...


We've probably all read the article about Frictional Games being on the verge of going broke. Now, no one wants that. Because they make really good shit and push boundaries where no one else seems to.

Since they don't really have an advertising budget and I've read that a few people bought more than one copy of the game, I've thought about what we could do and determined a possible course of action to help them out the best we can.

Visit http://gaming.reddit.com and announce that you will give one copy away to a random commenter in a selfpost. This will almost guarantee making the frontpage; just make the headline snappy. Grab favorable quotes from the RPS article for the post itself; reddit likes RockPaperShotgun.

(If you have any questions or problems about or with reddit, don't hesitate to ask)

Reddit is a relatively mature community in the social media space, there's no reason to pretend that this isn't in some way done for promotional purposes, in fact I'd think the honesty would be appreciated. This is not gaming the site's system, just spreading awareness.

What do you think?

edit: Why I chose reddit

I know the site very well and have seen things like this work before. There have been 6-8 posts about Amnesia in the gaming subreddit in the past few days, and people seem generally interested, so it'd most likely get upvoted. Furthermore, more than 220.000 are subscribed to r/gaming, so even if the response would not go through the roof, a lot of people would read about it which might very well lead to just the name getting stuck, which is great, since Amnesia's biggest problem is probably that people don't even know about it.
09-08-2010, 04:35 PM
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