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Portal 2 Co-Op Impressions
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Portal 2 Co-Op Impressions

A pair of cute robots star in Valve's team-focused twist on the Portal formula.



The single-player campaign's only twice as long? Jesus, that's crap.

I realise that it's difficult to weave a cogent plot without repeating puzzle-types across a greater length of

time, but I figured on it being three times as long at least.

I finished the first game on first play-through in about four hours.

So, I'm gonna be able to finish this new game in eight or nine hours, am I? It'll last me two days, then.

If this is a £50/$60 release, that's not good enough.

I'm gonna need another reason to buy it.

By which I mean another reason *IN ADDITION TO* the co-op, mode.

I won't always have a second person to play with, which means it doesn't count as core content in my book.

09-08-2010, 07:00 PM
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