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Short puzzle competitions
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Short puzzle competitions

After playing the "Haunted (L'antre de la peur)" by Alroc custom story and the "escape the cell" puzzle in the beggining I thought if it could be a good idea to make a thread for everyne to post their very short custom puzzles(maybe even complete stories) and the first who break the puzzles and post a solution could be called a "winner" for that entry and maybe gains points.
That could help even the developers with some ideas for nice puzzles, if they plan to release a Amnesia - "Black Plague" or something. Big Grin
One thing that could spoil the idea is the "open scripts" , but still..
Open scripts are a usefull reading and very handy to walkthrough Amnesia.
Other hacking tools could be the level editor and viewer. Smile
What do you guys think ?
09-30-2010, 04:43 PM
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