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Crank Moved Book Shelf
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Question  Crank Moved Book Shelf

I want to make shelfs that move with the crank on the side, Simply explained the shelfs have a spinning leaver/crank on its side and you spin it to move the entire shelf in one or another direction this way you can fit more shelfs in a library and even block off certain shelfs entierly.

I Looked through the entities and im pretty sure all the bookshelfs only move in angle, so like a door the face of the object turns. does a new object have to be created for something like this or can this be scripted? I imagine it would be difficult for scripting as Leavers and any books on the shelfs are seperate objects and would also need to be moved.

(I havent started any scripting yet but i learnt C++ a while back so ill catch on easy once i do)
10-01-2010, 11:03 PM
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