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Shoving doors open
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Shoving doors open

I guess this goes here since it's gameplay related. Something I was used to doing in Penumbra when I was sprinting away from something terrible was to left click on a door then immediately right click, IE unlatch then shove it. This worked for getting doors open in a hurry so I get get out of there.

In Amnesia, it appears that the latching mechanic of doors is stronger then Daniel's shouldering power, since without edging the door open a bit first, apparently there is no minimum reverse velocity that can overcome the door's tendency to stay shut.

It meant my doom once or twice, notably while fleeing the creature that I distracted with a rock. I do like the new latching tech for the various shelves and doors, but I wish it didn't have the consequence that the protagonist does not have the power to shoulder/shove open the doors.
10-07-2010, 08:20 AM
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