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Binding objects to another?
Neurological Offline

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Binding objects to another?

It is possible to bind a static item (note "item" not object) to a submesh of another item?

Basicly I've a chessboard models, that is like a chest which can be opened, in order to make it open I have to put a queen piece on it. Now the chessboard is made of two submeshes, one is the moving part one is the fixed part. What I want to do is to make a static item to bind to the moving part so thats when moving the upper part also the he attacched object move with it.

I tried to look into the amnesia scripts, but it seems that almost everything is made by activating/deactivating models so I didn't see any of those functions.

Another question, it is possible to export a model with two sub textures and so two materials in the same model?

Neurological - Music Entertainment
10-12-2010, 12:19 PM
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