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Old Flesher Deepsea Power Suit Textures
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Photo  Old Flesher Deepsea Power Suit Textures

while looking in the files I came across the ancient Power Suit model, unfortunately it seems the textures are not included in the game files, because it keeps taking the new Deepsea Power Suit textures and the UV obviously don't fit it. But also because it clearly isn't the same texture on the old screenshots.

So I was wondering if someone could help me find them, or send them to me ?

Also just a question regarding the .dae files, why is Blender 2.77 unable to open them unless I go in Notepad++ and remove most of the textures path data ?

Thank you for your time.

[Image: SItKrtF.png?1]
[Image: BCjH04X.png?1]
[Image: rqlz6pt.png?1]
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