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Crash-Headroom Presents: Delusional Machinery [Now Finished]
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Crash-Headroom Presents: Delusional Machinery [Now Finished]

Greetings Everyone!

My names Crash Headroom. Been a long time fan of Frictional Games, I tried Amnesia on a friend's steam account back when it came out and wanted to get into it...then SOMA was created.

I absolutely loved the game from start to finish, so much so I started to make some music based around it. The idea started out as just a couple of tracks I was mixing up (drum & bass), before long I added so many samples, sound effects and dialogue I thought...give my self a challenge, I'll create a concept album.

It tells a loose version of the game's story, however for flow (and obviously reading purposes) i've had to cut out, shrink down or streamline alot of parts (for example the way Simon works his way through the Curie will be far different). On top of this I also added a couple of cut concepts back to the story, such as the possesed suit back in upsilon (ive used this element in the prologue pages), as well as Akers' speech in theta.

Edit: The Album is now finished! Atleast as best I can do:

Full Playlist:

Track 01 - Intro [New Beginnings, Again]

Track 02 - Welcome to Upsilon [W.A.U., That's Deep]
https://youtu.be/N6hresyM19A [DARK DRUM & BASS 174 BPM]

Track 03 - Curie's Revenge [Fleshy Samples]
https://youtu.be/rpqqGQSNxmQ [DARK DRUM & BASS 170 BPM]

Track 04 - Delta-Skelta [Berlin Bound]
https://youtu.be/kkrSghmD8Io [Berlin Beats/HI NRG]

Track 05 - Dreams in Theta [The Warden Watches All]

Track 06 - Hello Again, Mr. Akers [Surrender to the Slumber]
https://youtu.be/cWLyrONArYk [DARK DRUM & BASS 174 BPM]

Track 07 - Provide a New Body [Delusional Machinery]
https://youtu.be/OYsh1UhvfdM [DARK DRUM & BASS/INDUSTRIAL 174 BPM]

Track 08 - The Descent [Do Robots Dream...?]
https://youtu.be/fo_52Yza54k [AMBIENT/STORY DIALOGUE]

Track 09 - Site Alpha [Running Blind]
https://youtu.be/IijRlOmC5h0 [DARK DRUM & BASS/INDUSTRIAL 170 BPM]

Track 10 - The Final Dive [You Promised...]
https://youtu.be/H_aUUlebQRo [DARK DRUM & BASS 174 BPM]

Track 11 - Epilogue [Eternity Among the Stars...?] [+????]
https://youtu.be/62C0KI60nHk [AMBIENT/STORY DIALOGUE]

Yes, each track has 2 names. The first being the story name, second is the one given in it's creation.

Also, here are some tests for the cover art and story manual:

Booklet Front:

Booklet Back:

Page ??? Title art for Track 08: Provide a New Body

Not all the tracks I created are from scratch. For story and flow purposes I took multple game tracks and mixed them up together, plus must used were taken from the "Unused" folder.

Well, hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it. I also mix up old game soundtracks as well as pieces from games that never make it into them, here are several other playlists i've fiddled with in the past (except for Toxis Residuum's soundtrack which was Jenkins08):

GTA V Mixes:

Unreal Gold/Return to Na-Pali Mixes:

Toxis Residuum (A game me and a friend tried to make back in 2008):
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07-23-2016, 06:43 PM
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Posts: 58
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RE: Crash-Headroom Presents: Delusional Machinery

Completed the Intro and uploaded.

Most of them are done so I thought I'd start to upload them in order, expect all the rest to be uploaded to this playlist:

07-24-2016, 07:27 PM
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Posting Freak

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RE: Crash-Headroom Presents: Delusional Machinery

Those sound great man!
07-25-2016, 01:46 AM
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Posts: 58
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Joined: Jul 2016
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RE: Crash-Headroom Presents: Delusional Machinery

Thank you bud I really appreciate that, this is my first musical project and I need all the feedback I can get Smile.

I have also just this minute uploaded Tracks 3 and 4 for everyone to try out (the next 6 will be uploaded over the next 2 months or so while I tweak and finish them off).
07-25-2016, 01:49 AM
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RE: Crash-Headroom Presents: Delusional Machinery

For future reference I'd like you to avoid doubleposting, thanks.
07-26-2016, 02:38 AM
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