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Necrologue - crash at same spot every time

Not Solved Necrologue - crash at same spot every time
So in Necrologue the part where Phillip avoids the first Turngait zombie, unscrews the vent cover, and crawls into the vent; the game crashes once it starts loading the next area.

I've tried getting around this by changing the graphic level (which I knew wouldn't do anything but worth a shot I guess).

In other Penumbra games I was asked to let "the application make changes on my computer" when first launching them, but when launching this one I was not asked this at all. Could this be the issue?
10-04-2016, 04:57 AM
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Not Solved RE: Necrologue - crash at same spot every time
Penumbra Necrologue is not an official Penumbra game; it's a user made Amnesia mod. You should consult the creator of the mod or post this in the technical support subforum of the Custom Story / Mod section. Or someone will have it moved.

What I suggest is that you see if others have had crashes in this place as well. If so, perhaps it's an issue with the mod. Also have you made sure to update your game?

10-04-2016, 10:13 PM
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