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Freezing in the first Black Plague scene

Not Solved Freezing in the first Black Plague scene
In the first scene when I pick up the glowstick the game freezes and I cannot move or look around anymore. Music continues and background effects such as dripping from the ceiling still work. If I move about without picking up the glowstick it freezes after a few minutes anyway.
I looked through the troubleshooting guide and attempted turning off post effects and steam overlay. Penumbra has write permissions on its folder and this is a fresh install so no edits to configurations have been made (except after I noticed the problem).

I am playing Penumbra on Steam, the OS is Ubuntu 16.04.

HPL log attached.

Graphics card is GeForce GTX 980M

Attached Files
.log   hpl.log (Size: 28.51 KB / Downloads: 9)
12-09-2016, 11:42 AM

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