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[Solved] Strange error when using specific #include
Jesscar Offline
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[Solved] Strange error when using specific #include

Hi everyone.

I'm working on my first SOMA custom story and I'm trying to add a working terminal with GUI to the map.

However, when I add this one line of code:

#include "helper_imgui_station.hps"

I get this error:

[Image: yrbaonh.png]

The error only occurs when that line is there. When I remove it, the map loads just fine. There is no other terminal related code in my script. I've tried verifying the game cache but it didn't fix the issue.

Here is my entire script file:


I fixed it! It was an easy fix. Just add the line:

#include "helper_imgui_station_apps_common.hps"

So the includes look like this:

#include "helper_imgui_station.hps"
#include "helper_imgui_station_apps_common.hps"
(This post was last modified: 01-05-2017, 03:40 AM by Jesscar.)
01-05-2017, 03:18 AM
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Romulator Offline
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RE: [Solved] Strange error when using specific #include

Ah yes - because of how #include "helper_imgui_station.hps" works, it needs to include functions from the other two imgui helpers.

Glad to hear you got it solved in the end Smile

Discord: Romulator#0001
[Image: 3f6f01a904.png]
01-05-2017, 05:07 AM
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