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SOMA inspired track
TanookiGeorge Offline
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SOMA inspired track

Hi all, here is the track I made inspired by SOMA Smile. For those interested I'll post the other info underneath the link. Would love your feedback on it.


Tanooki “My Alone” inspired by: SOMA

I while ago I played “SOMA” and I really liked it…mainly the story was something that made an impact on me and left me with a lot of “WTF” moments. Then, a few weeks ago, I started watching “West World” and that made me think about this game again and well….I decided to write this track.

It’s called “My Alone” because of the storyline and the experience of the main character and/or you (the player).

Focusing on loneliness, emptiness, clinically, technically, confusion and threats while still finding the strength and power to carry on.

These are also the reasons why I decided to bury the bass in with the guitars and keep a certain “warmth” out of the song. Which might seem like a shame with such a talented dude as Desmond Kuijk providing these lows….but I just like to tell a certain story and set a certain mood and this is what I found to be contributing better too said mood.

Yes, it's something totally different from SOMA's music but that's because I didn't want to recreate that. The work of Mikko Tarmia is perfect so this is really just me being inspired by the game/audio and basically paying homage.

Hope you'll like it.


Tanooki-My Alone (SOMA inspired track)
02-21-2017, 05:36 PM
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