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SOMA-inspired ambient "album"
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SOMA-inspired ambient "album"

Some time ago I was playing around with ambient synthesis on OP-1 trying to see how far I could push that little synth. At the same time I was playing SOMA. The sound of the game was absolutely amazing, and it inspired me to make a kind of tribute album (or musical piece of fan art if you want a less pretentious label).

This was a while ago, and I just recently though that I might share it on this forum. Hopefully you will find this kind of self-promotion is in good taste.


I'm definitely not Mikko Tarmia, but considering that this was made on a single piece of hardware I'm pretty proud of the end result. Feel free to post feedback, good or bad. It would be interesting to know if I captured the mood of the game.
03-23-2017, 02:36 AM
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