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Surround sound in Black Plague

Not Solved Surround sound in Black Plague
Is there a way to get 5.1 surround in windows 10 64 bit in Black Plague? I have Asus Xonar DG sound card. When I set the option "use hardware sound" to on, after restart it reverts to off. In Overture there was the same problem but I've used OpenAl Soft dll and managed to play it through with surround sound. In Black Plague though it doesn't work. There is no option to choose open al soft sound device in game options.
hpl.log gives me this:

Initializing Sound Module
Initializing OpenAL.
Trying to open hardware device... Failed opening hardware device, using software
Device name: Generic Software
Number of mono sources: 32
Setting up Environmental Audio...Success.

Nevermind. Managed to make it work. To someone with the same problem, you have to rename soft_oal.dll in game folder to OpenAL32.dll
05-06-2017, 07:28 PM
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