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How to raise camera of the first person view?
goodcap Offline

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How to raise camera of the first person view?

So I want the player[first person camera] to be taller instead of having to decrease the size of all entities en static objects in a level. Is this possible?
06-08-2017, 05:17 PM
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Romulator Offline
Not Tech Support ;-)

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RE: How to raise camera of the first person view?

game.cfg would likely have some options there, or you could use this in your script:

PHP Code: (Select All)
MovePlayerHeadPos(float afXfloat afYfloat afZfloat afSpeedfloat afSlowDownDist); 
Changes the position of the camera on the player's body.

afX - amount along the X-axis
afY - amount along the Y-axis
afZ - amount along the Z-axis
afSpeed - speed at which the change happens
afSlowDownDist - distance at which to start slowing down (prevents the head from abruptly stopping)

Have x and z at 0.0f, have y slightly upper so that you're taller, and change the speed and slowdown distance to whatever works nicely for you.

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06-09-2017, 04:14 AM
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