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Announcement [August 2017] Illusions of the Dead has been Released!
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Heart  [August 2017] Illusions of the Dead has been Released!

Illusions of the Dead is new custom story that has been released August 21st 2017. I have been working on this custom story since March 2016.

Illusions of the Dead has finally been released! Download it now on ModDB!

[Image: 126614.png]

[Image: CxS1mYe.png]

Your name is Marcus Grant. You've been living in England since you can remember. After your wife has passed away by cancer, your 9 year old daughter, Emily Grant, is all there is left in your life. Unfortunately, she has a rare disease called Sclerosis. The disease has no known cure. But, an old friend told you that scientists of the castle of Barnard have found the cure. But... it's a myth. Your goal is to find the cure in the deep dungeons of the castle and safe your daughter from dying that long and painful death.

What has Illusions of the Dead to offer?
*A full length story
*AMFP Assets
*Great atmosphere
*Custom created entities
*Over 15 medium/large sized maps

Illusions of the Dead tries to recreate the feeling you had the first time playing the original Amnesia story.

[Image: 32346.png]

Amnesia: Illusions of the Dead
Available now on ModDB!

ModDB: Illusions of the Dead

Mod I'm working on: Illusions of the Dead 2
ModDB Illusions of the Dead 2
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