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Weird two physics modes glitch
Tomlacko Offline
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Weird two physics modes glitch

Can someone explain why Amnesia does this?
I bet many of you have already noticed this while playing the game. Normally if you throw a box on your head, it will land there and stay there and if you throw a box at a grunt, it will hit him and stun him a little. But other times when you do those same things, the box will almost push you through the floor (and can easily push you through walls) and throwing a box at a grunt will not hit him at all, instead it will push him out of the way and not even slow him down, while the box will continue flying as if nothing was there.
I noticed the switch always happens when you die or when you reload a map, but not every single time.

The reason why I'm bringing this up (apart from being curious why it happens) is, that in my custom story I'm relying on the physics to work as expected, and the whole thing breaks down if the physics glitches out like that.
08-07-2017, 10:02 PM
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