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*** touchscreen
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*** touchscreen

Hi there.. May be a long shot but I'm having some atypical trouble with my laptop.

There's a crack in the screen, this causes Windows to think I'm pressing in a lot of places at once and makes Windows go coo coo.
I was able to go in the hardware manager and disable the touch, so now it works like a regular laptop and I was happy again.

Now Windows done some updates and re-enabled this function by itself.. now it's impossible for me to even start anymore because all the presses it "sees" cause it to go in recovery menus and whatnot before I'm started.Rolleyes

Any way to disable the "touch" of a touch screen outside of Windows ?
12-02-2017, 01:52 PM
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RE: *** touchscreen

Can you connect your laptop to an external monitor? And if so, can you detach the screen?

A quick google seems to lead to connecting your laptop to another monitor, and either detaching the touchscreen monitor or using the Windows (key)+R function to switch to solely the other monitor and then disable the features from there in the Device Manager, or control panel.

Unfortunately, it seems updates will constantly turn your unwanted touchscreen features back on, so this will likely be a process needing repeating.

Keep in mind as well, an external monitor could be a TV, though whatever you connect to, it should connect directly to your device, so that it becomes recognized as a secondary monitor.

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12-02-2017, 11:11 PM
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