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Controller Issue

Not Solved Controller Issue
Hello, I've been having an issue with my the game's controller support, and I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out where the source of the issue is. I've noticed that with my version (the Steam version) if I turn off Xbox controller support in Steam Big Picture mode, the controller doesn't do anything (which makes sense,) but if I turn it on, the controller only seems to work in the menus, while in-game the only things I can do is look around and crouch.

I don't know if it influences anything, but I've also noticed that if I turn Xbox controller support on for any of my other games, I get very weird results, such as Littlest Nightmares, which seems to only work with my controller if I turn Steam's Xbox controller support off (even though it is itself a steam game.) There seems to be a weird conflict with steam and my controller, but I can't find any solutions online other than the usual

1. Reinstall the drivers (already did, didn't do anything.)
2. Put in new batteries (already did)
3. Check the receiver's USB port (already did, and switching didn't help either)
4. Rolling back the controller's drivers to an older version (did, but nothing really changed?)

Any other suggestions? If I'm asking the wrong folks, do you all know of whom I can talk to?

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12-27-2017, 04:29 AM
Jump to the post that solved this thread.

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