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Hello! I was looking around the internet for topics and articles about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Etherium, etc.
I stumbled upon some websites showing off games where you can invest/buy content using cryptocurrencies and you can engage in activities with other players online.
It's like the same concept with mining coins but gives people (mostly gamers who invest, I guess) a certain game factor in mining.
What do you guys think about this overall? May I have your opinions? I personally like the unique concept in it but I have yet to try it out.
Thanks for your inputs.
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RE: Cryptocurrency!?

This isn't really the place to be discussing this. While you are now correct in that you have posted in the off-topic section, this isn't really a sector of knowledge many of our forum members will be familiar with, if any.

This post also serves, to some degree, like promotion and advertising of other products, which isn't something we want to necessarily allow here. May I suggest asking this question on a place such as Reddit, where there are a range of subreddits dedicated to such topics?

I'll be closing this thread and editing the OP to remove any example products.

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