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[REQUEST] New Mansion and Outside Models
theyhunger Offline
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[REQUEST] New Mansion and Outside Models

There are a few models for the mansionbase that I would like to use for my mod:

1) Curved white and brown walls (like in cellarbase with corner_concave_round, wall_corner_concave_round_extension, and
wall_corner_concave_round_short), the same for the mansion extension as well.

2) Arched ceilings and arches (like in dungeonbase with ceiling_concave and special_arched_ceilling_to_wall_large [but smaller to fit with the pillars in mansionbase])

3) If possible, a mansion door with see-through glass in it (kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-9HPV5uwfI [pause at 1:49])

4) The same as wall_short01 and wall_short02 but instead of shorter length / width, have it shorter in height (by a half).

There are also a few models for outside that I would like to use for my mod:

1) Different tree models instead of just the default one, and a model of a collapsed tree with the roots or the bottom part of the tree that spreads out shown too.

2) New ground, meaning instead of using flat textures, use millions of dirt-mounds or using the ground_zimmarman_ground object which I don't particularly like; make different variations of ground (flat, slanted, curved, etc...) and maybe a river-type water thing too.

3) Other little minor things such as straight fences, wooden posts / frames with lamps (something like this: 
http://www.ihatemountains.com/images/scr...est_09.jpg), and possibly a mansion model, could save a lot of time to slowly create one with many different objects.

This is a huge request and I doubt anyone would have the time to do this.
Thanks to anyone who does helps out here! 

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06-09-2018, 02:13 PM
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