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Request New enemy
Jane18CZ Offline
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New enemy

Hello guys
We have been working on our new CS and we were thinking about a different enemy than the typical grunt or brute. The enemy should be a dark figure with glowing red eyes. The whole figure should be completely black with a dark fog engulfing it. We need it to be like a grunt – with path nodes, the ability to recognize, hunt and hurt the player, just without typical sounds (no music, no hunting sounds).
The only problem is we don’t know how to do it Big Grin   We tried to changes textures, but it didn’t work, same with the sound.

Is there anyone who could help us? Someone who knows how to remodel and add particles to an enemy.

Thanks in advance for any replies or suggestions.

We made CS named Detorcium.  Now we are currently working on Detestatio.
06-17-2018, 12:10 PM
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Neelke Offline
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RE: New enemy

Though I cannot assist in applying you an actual new enemy character, I can however tell you there is a way to connect particles to an enemy's skeleton through Frictional Games's Model Editor. If you select a specific joint in the Model Editor for let's say a brute's head, there are options to connect a variation of objects to it, such as lights, particles and etc.

Take note though that even if the rig updates in the game, the connected particles and such will not so I suggest not applying connections to a joint that consistently moves around.

06-18-2018, 06:53 PM
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