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Work in progress The Home Inspector
zaggnut Offline

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Photo  The Home Inspector

this will be my 1st CS that i'll actually publish [eventually Confused ]
The speed of work has been very fast considering the amount of work i've done since i started ~5 days ago.
the screenshots are attached below.

Your name is Mr. Dan Yall and you're a home inspector who is obviously about to inspect  a nightmare.  its up to YOU to grade the government seized mansion for any infractions such as poor sanitation, unsafe structural support, and other housing no-no's.  all that has been given to you is your handy dandy notebook and keys to the mansion.

Expected content: 
-Only stock assets planned at this point (but i think i've done unique stuff so far so it won't be super stale).
-no sanity drain due to darkness
-lantern has been nixed in favor of tinderboxes
-"interactive" map (you do more than just hold down shift and pick up keys)
-a secret easter egg room if you manage to unlock it
- 0 jump scares unless its an actual enemy wanting to inspect your insides (i don't think i'll need it but if this CS begs it ill do it)

 half of the mapping is done; still need to complete the mock up of the last 3 maps and do a final pass on all the maps.  I need to optimize the outdoor map and i need to get rid of an annoying black shapes bug on the map. scripting/gameplay is about 10% done, i need to learn how to autosave and get player to findle with tools but this is easy work imo. (we will see Tongue).

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The human race will Bleed, they will serve my
06-19-2018, 05:17 AM
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RE: The Home Inspector

The forum is dead, you better share it in the Discord server, that's the only thing that is left tbh.

This forum is dead
06-20-2018, 12:13 PM
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