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What other offline games do you play?
BillyRagan Offline
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What other offline games do you play?

I am curious did you play any other games like for example classical board games or casino games or some other games that require only pen and paper? I think that I don't want to spend so much time in front of a screen and need to discover some other offline games. I will very much appreciate your suggestions Smile

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07-04-2018, 09:54 AM
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Mudbill Offline

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RE: What other offline games do you play?

Offline and singleplayer? Most board games are for more than one person so it might be hard to find. A card game that I really love is called Saboteur, it's French. It's similar in premise to Trouble in Terrorist Town if you know that. But that's best with 5-9 players (I think minimum 3).

The setup is pretty simple; every player has a secret identity, either helper or saboteur. The helper's goal is to "mine a cave" to the "hidden treasure", while the saboteurs will of course sabotage it. The board is built from cards where most cards consist of small pathways that you connect one by one to build the board, AKA "mine the cave". The "hidden treasure" is one of three cards at the other end of the start tile.

[Image: pic460052.jpg]

There are also "effect cards" which can allow you to put a lock on another player (someone who you suspect to be on the opposite side) or other effects like destroy a card on the board or peek at a hidden treasure card. The locks can only be unlocked with a similar, opposite effect card, which can also be used on other players, and while a player is locked, they can only use effect cards, not pathway cards. It promotes teamwork, but the catch is that you don't know for sure if they're a teammate or enemy until the end of the game (if played well).

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07-04-2018, 03:26 PM
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Zames123 Offline
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RE: What other offline games do you play?

I play Final Fantasy in PlayStation. Smile
08-08-2018, 09:09 AM
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