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Spoiler dual system
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dual system

9anime - the ultimate free platform for anime lovers. Check it out!

Good day folks! Today we would like to introduce a brand new tool that will allow you to watch anime for free! It is called 9anime. You can download it to your Android from the apk store right now!

About anime

Anime is the art of Japanese animation intended primarily for teenagers and older people. That is why the Japanese anime has gained immense popularity around the world. The success of the anime depends on the success of the manga (Japanese comics), so before you film the anime, look at how successful and popular the original manga was.

[Image: IdyJv6q.jpg]

The word "anime" was born from the English animation, but due to the fact that in Japanese the pronunciation of this word and especially its spelling caused difficulties, it was decided to shorten it as much as possible, and the word anime appeared. There are other theories according to which this word was born from the Latin anima, that is, “soul” or that this word actually comes from the French animé (“animation”). The Japanese themselves do not remember how the word was born, so all we have to do is guesswork and hypotheses.

For the first time, anime was shown in 1917 (directed by Junichi Kouchi), this comedy film lasted only two minutes and was called “Namakura Gatana.” The very first anime with sound was drawn in 1933 under the name "Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka" (Kenzō Masaoka). The tradition of drawing characters with big eyes laid mangaka and animator Osamu Tezuka; later they began to call him "the god of manga and anime."

Now you know a little about where the origin of the anime came from and who the founders and pioneers were. And now we invite you to plunge and head into the magical world of anime. It is very simple, as all you need to do is download 9anime and begin the journey. We promise you that you will definitely like this world, and you will be able to find a genre that will be of particular interest to you.

What is 9anime?

[Image: q7IDsS6.png]

Consider 9anime website as any other platform that allows users to watch anime. With a simple and intuitive interface that has the black and purple theme, you will feel excited searching through hundreds of series. Also, everything here is crystal clear: the icons are big, the navigation system is useful, everytime you click on any series, you get brief information and ratings. You can watch through the website or can download to your Android and enjoy anime series with subs or dubbed in HD quality. And most importantly, for free!

Developers of the software are trying to upgrade the platform day by day, adding a lot of things, such as wallpapers, anime soundtracks. Also, the advantage of the app is that it works very quickly, without any delay.

Some rare series that you can find on 9anime


FLCL is a six-part anime about a twelve-year-old Naota who lives in a difficult period when he is frightened and full of anger at his life, love, adults, and everything that a teenager of his age is dealing with. He meets Haruko, a strange girl who knocks him down with his Vespa scooter. Mysterious Haruko quickly draws Naota into his orbit, and he reluctantly gets used to it.

The series unfolds in a dull town, but, as in many anime, crazy things soon begin to happen here. A robot emerges from Naota’s head and becomes the boy’s guard and servant in his house. Monsters appear, crazy fighting scenes and other equally strange situations occur. And all this surprisingly well corresponds to the general tone of the anime. FLCL stands out for telling a short story about a boy who is puzzled by life and an insane relationship with Haruko. This anime compares favorably with other magnificent English dubbing and an excellent soundtrack. The voice actors did a great job on the characters, their emotions, and jokes. The Japanese rock band The Pillows created a soundtrack that captured the show's culminating, funny, and emotional moments. Much work has been done on the anime, and good dubbing and self-irony make FLCL closer to the western audience.

[Image: QFTIiBi.png]

In appearance, FLCL is another crazy anime, but in fact, it is a happy story about an embarrassed child who is trying to understand the surrounding reality. The only bad thing about FLCL is the series lasts just six episodes. Also refer to Movie app download free to watch more anime!

Initial D

Initial D is the simplest anime that any anime fan can watch and enjoy. The main character of the series is Takumi, a young guy from Japan, a participant in street racing. He has great ability in drift racing, defeating all his opponents. That is why Takumi joins the team of drifters. The series shows his way from a high school student to one of the best drift pilots, who, traveling from one Japanese prefecture to another, studies new techniques and defeats competitors. 

The series itself is simple and focused on cars and racing. Each episode is usually built around Takumi and his new opponent, whom the main character must win in the race on the narrow mountain roads of Japan. There are casual love and minor characters here, but the race makes this series wonderful. Each car duel is drawn using three-dimensional graphics, such as, for example, the Takumi Trueno AE86 machine, which slides at high speeds in the corners of mountain roads. Plus is great electronic music that accompanies each race.

Wrapping it up!

[Image: FteBx5V.jpg]

Hopefully, after our detailed introduction and description about 9anime and anime in general, you are now feeling hyped about downloading 9anime and getting right into our suggested anime series. Or maybe you can watch other stuff by searching. Do not hesitate to download 9Anime Apk At Top1Apk.Com and have fun watching! Feel free to share our content with others so that they could benefit from 9anime as well. Cheers!
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RE: dual system

Not sure why you'd come to this forum to ask this if you're not a spam bot, but to answer your question, yes you can install multiple versions of Windows. You need to partition your disk using something like Disk Management within Windows, which will split your drive into several partitions that can act as separate drives. If you have enough disk space on a partition, you can use it to install another OS on it.

I'd say put at least 50 GB for each Windows installation. Preferrably 150 if you can.

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