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Is my optical mouse possibly dying?
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Is my optical mouse possibly dying?

Hello everyone,,
So, I've recently noticed that my mouse is doing some weird stuff. First things first, I cleaned the mouse, and the issue still remained, so it's not that. The issue I get, though, is that if I hold Left-Click for a while, or even if I move the mouse whilst holding it, the mouse will stop for a split second, and reinitiate (it doesn't show it, but it's like I let go of the button for a tiny while without noticing), and sometimes it acts as if I've double clicked or more.
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This issue kept happening at random points during usage. Sometimes, even when moving the mouse, it hiccups. Here are some of the things that I've tried.

1) Thorough cleaning of the mouse.
2) Malware/Virus check
3) Cable check for the mouse (and it turns up fine)
4) Check the sensors if something was interfering with it
5) Checked the USB slots, in case something was causing the issue
6) Switched the places for the mouse, but no go.

It's possible my mouse is simply dying at this point, but I want to be sure before going out to get another one. Anyone have any suggestions/help?

Thx a lot in the meantime!
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08-03-2019, 12:33 PM
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RE: Is my optical mouse possibly dying?

Double clicking or releasing a click unrequested is a very normal fault when the mouse is worn. If you're been aggressive with the mouse button it's more likely to happen earlier.
The mouse has a point where it detects when the state is down or up, and that point is supposed to sync with the actual "click" of the button, but that isn't always the case. As the clicking functionality is tiring out, it gets out of sync and you can experience clicks without actually clicking down, or have it lose grip when you're still holding it down. I don't know of any way to fix it, and it's generally the point where I get a new mouse.

In my experience, this happens eventually, usually after about 1-2 years of heavy use, but probably depends on the model. I have yet to notice this with my office mouse that I've used for a longer time, but it isn't as heavily used compared to my gaming mouse.

08-03-2019, 06:44 PM
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