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LANG File does not work or I am stupid
PowerPlay Offline
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LANG File does not work or I am stupid

Hello! I have tried for Hours now to just get one message to pop up when I enter a script area. I can't do it, I am losing my mind. What is wrong with these? Please help.

Spoiler below!
<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">

<CATEGORY Name="Messages">

<Entry Name="LanternReminder">It's quite dark. I should find a light source to bring with me</Entry>


<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">



HPS File
Spoiler below!
void OnEnter()


void OnStart()
AddEntityCollideCallback("Player", "LanternBlock", "LanternDarkMessage", true, 1);


void LanternDarkMessage(string &in entity)
SetMessage("Messages", "LanternReminder", 4);


void OnLeave()

10-23-2019, 08:08 PM
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MatiCekuriel Offline

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RE: LANG File does not work or I am stupid

Quote:void LanternDarkMessage(string &in entity)

Try to replace this whith :

void LanternDarkMessage(string &in asParent, string &in asChild, int alState)
10-24-2019, 05:22 AM
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