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Certain Entities are unscriptable?
gbstrcl Offline
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Certain Entities are unscriptable?

I do an interact callback between an in-game area script and a function that sets invisible the mesh of a book pile. thats what its supposed to do at least. But nothing happens, and there are no errors telling me what I could've done wrong. Ive quadruple checked all names and everything is consistent. Just the entity doesn't go anywhere, dissapear, or anything. Only the sound plays.

void OnStart()
    SetEntityPlayerInteractCallback("ScriptInteract", "OnInteract", true);

void OnInteract(string &in asEntity)
    PlaySoundAtEntity("", "BookSlide.snt", "Player", 0, false);
    SetEntityPos("BookPile1", 3000, 3000, 3000);

//set entity pos was after I tried set mesh invisble and deactivate entity. Still nothing.


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04-09-2020, 01:58 AM
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Mudbill Offline

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RE: Certain Entities are unscriptable?

Certain entities cannot be modified like this unfortunately. If you open them in the Model Editor, you can check their type under Settings > User Defined Variables. If this is set to StaticProp, it will be limited. You can fix it by changing it to Object (Static) instead, but you must save it as a custom entity and use that instead.

If you just want to make it disappear, you can try SetPropActiveAndFade. I think it works on StaticProp type entities, unless I'm misremembering.

04-09-2020, 12:01 PM
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