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Video ratings of your custom maps!
pawsUp1703 Offline
Junior Member

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RE: Video ratings of your custom maps!

Hey Smile I would like you to test and rate the demo of my custom story "The illusionists Mansion" it takes me to 15 minutes of Gameplay atm...
I hope you like it Smile
the Illusionists Mansion

It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H.I.M.
Just put your Paws Up, 'cause you were Born This Way baby!
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02-07-2011, 02:12 PM
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Gunslingerjh Offline
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RE: Video ratings of your custom maps!

Hi! This is a custom story made by the persons: Anzki and me.
Gameplay is over 20 minutes, and features custom music and voice acting.

Link: http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/thread-4783.html

[Image: f066x1.png]
02-07-2011, 05:53 PM
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