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About couple of Items...
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About couple of Items...

So I just completed Amnesia: TDD a couple of days ago, but only one thing was that confused me.

You get the Wooden crank in some point of the game (I can't remember where) and the iron bar from the prison cell (once you get captured by the grunts) if you Take it off.

So my question is, has anyone found a use for these items or are they just for nothing?
07-29-2011, 02:52 PM
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RE: About couple of Items...

The wooden crank is used to open the valves-on-both-sides-door in the cistern's machine room, one of the valves breaks when you try to turn it and it can be replaced with the crank.

The iron bar can be used to force the key out of the pipes in the prison.

[Image: 2exldzm.png]
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07-29-2011, 03:51 PM
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