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2007-04 Tuesday 24th, Home turf coverage and this weeks reviews.
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2007-04 Tuesday 24th, Home turf coverage and this weeks reviews.

We have had two quite exciting weeks, last Thursday we had a nice full page info/review and interview in SvD, the second largest daily newspaper here in Sweden. An article that we thought turned out really well! Tomorrow, for us Swedes, there is the possibility to see Penumbra: Overture in "Gomorron Sverige" as they have their weekly 15 min game talk. So be sure to turn on SVT 1 at 7.45!

Today we have also been informed that we have been nominated by SDSI for the "Swedish independent game of the year" category in this years Game Awards. The event will take place on Thursday this week and guru graphics artist Anton will represent Frictional Games in the hopes to bring home the gold and glory.

Gamedaily "Penumbra utilizes the classic adventure game style, where players collect items and combine them to solve puzzles. While the game has one or two shortcomings, it provides a strong alternative to mindless shooters." -Gamedaily.com.

Gameplayer.se ”I wholehearted recommend Penumbra to all lovers of horror and adventure games, that is if you do not have a weak heart or mind. This can be one of the most horrifying games ever created.” -Gameplayer.se.

Gamer.nl A Dutch review at Gamer.nl.

x-zine A German review is available at x-zine.de.

Frightening Another German review at Frightening.de.

Adventureinsel And last, believe it or not, another German review can be found at Adventureinsel.de.

04-24-2007, 04:41 PM
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