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2007-04 Monday 30th, Last bunch of reviews for April.
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2007-04 Monday 30th, Last bunch of reviews for April.

The month of April is as good as over, here are the last six reviews we have time for during this month. Look forward to additional reviews in May as the game is released in Northern Europe, North America, France and more!

Deafgamers logo "Penumbra Overture is a strange and really quite original game. The horror and atmosphere are very real most of the time. The controls can take a while to get used to, but don't get put off by them. Stick to it and there is a good solid dose of gaming here." -yetanotherreviewsite.co.uk.

Deafgamers logo "Penumbra Overture is one of those games that's quite unlike any survival-horror or adventure game that you may have played before. Having to physically interact with objects rather than simply solving puzzles in the typical manner is something most gamers will definitely want to try." -Deafgamers.com.

SVD logo Freely translated "Whispering voices, heart beats and sudden shakes from the next room. Classic horror tricks, but seemingly effective." -SVD 19th April.

FZ logo Freely translated "...At this price you won't get the most involving adventure, rather a very creepy experience in a Silent Hill class manner." -FZ.se.

Gbase logo A Swiss review at Gbase.ch.

Looki logo A German review can be found at Looki.de.

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