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The Energetic project aims to enlighten and educate teenagers about the production and consumption of energy within our society. Rather than being an educational game, we hope Energetic can be a fun way to spark an interest in energy consumption.

Energetic plays like a classic platform game, but with an advanced "hidden" system. This system creates a link between the player, world, objects and enemies. All actions by the player affects the world and this requires the player to have a deeper commitment to the game and make sure he/she isn't neglecting the outcome of his/her doings.
With an innovating control and interaction solution the game-play will remain subtle, with an easy learning curve, yet challenging and fresh. Energetic is a technology demonstration of this idea and can be viewed as a small part of a full game.

Comments, questions and discussions are welcome in the forum.

Team Members
Thomas Grip: Coding, graphics, game design and level design.
Thomas project report (In Swedish)
Nicklas Mattisson: Graphics, game design and level design.
Nicklas project report (In Swedish)
Jens Nilsson: Sounds, music, scripting, game design and level design.
Jens project report (In English)

Development information
Timeframe: December 20th 2004 - April 18th 2005
Design document: Download (In Swedish)

Special Thanks
Martin Thorzén for helping out with the particle effects.