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Media round-up & developers wiki is back

After over a month of hoping we can gladly report that our developers wiki is back up and running. It's a vital source of information for those interested in creating modifications for Penumbra and as important to us as we use it in our everyday work. Those interested should take the time to visit the HPLwiki and see what it's all about. If you register you are also able to contribute content!

We have a couple of reviews and interviews to report about:

Mod DB -Review, English.
RunTime -Review, English.
PCM -Review, Dutch.
Au-Ja! -Review & walkthrough, German.

FiringSquad -Interview, English.

Penumbra: Overture
There are additional interviews coming in magazines, watch our for PC Zone if you are in the UK and GameZone for all Brazilians. Additional online interviews should be published soon and stay tuned for more information regarding Penumbra: Overture.