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Physics video & Developers diary

During the Adventure Developers Online Conference we released a video demonstrating the physics interaction we have developed for Penumbra: Overture. It also offers a first peak at in-game gameplay from the game.

You can see the video over at GameTrailers.com or choose any of the download options found on the official Penumbra: Overture site.

gx imageThe first in a series of four developers diary entries have been published over at GamesExtreme.net. During these last months before Penumbra: Overture is released you'll get the opportunity to read about how life progresses here on Frictional Farm. In this first entry Thomas writes about how Penumbra came to be and gives an overall introduction to the game. As we write the diary there will most likely not be any updates to our own blog, but the diary should be a nice substitute and the blog sparely missed.

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