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New previews

During the last week four previews of Penumbra: Overture appeared, three of them you can read on the web and one is in the March 2007 issue of PC Zone.

GX gaming "Right from the get go this game is a stunner coming from a development team of 4 people, that’s right, just 4 developers created something as addictive and enthralling as the game looks to be from the preview code we received." -Games Xtreme.

VG Reloaded"However the game did lead me with an claustrophobic atmosphere that made me uncomfortable when walking down dark corridors, even though I had a walkthrough handed to me and knew that there were no enemies down there...I still felt that feeling of discomfort and that's when you've got a powerful tool that you can wield to your advantage." -Videogames Reloaded.

PC Zone"It's brainache captured on a shiny disc, a compendium of things that would annoy you in other, faster-paced games - but this time, it's strangely part of the appeal." -PC Zone, March 2007 Issue.

PAL Gaming"There wasn't a huge amount to the preview build, it was fairly short, but what was provided showed a promising game that, if the small development team can polish up between now and the release will have an interesting first part of a trilogy of games on their hands." -PAL Gaming.

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