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A wide variety of previews

Another week has passed and even more previews of Penumbra: Overture are available for your reading pleasure. You can feel the air getting thicker as the release date is getting closer!

Gamespot "Combined with an oppressive atmosphere and a high level of interactivity, this makes for a gameworld that we look forward to getting immersed in more." -GameSpot.

TGSN"However, should an enemy come running towards you, the only real option is to turn away and crouch down, avoiding the possibility they’ll catch the glint of your eyes. This will make hearing the creatures creeping around you one of the most tense experiences in gaming, just waiting for the blow to knock your character into submission, or the sound of clawsteps wandering back the way they came." -The Gaming Shack Network.

BGB"Everything feels right, and it adds to the personal viewpoint of the game. You are the character in Penumbra, and every little atmospheric technique draws you further into the shoes of the main character." -British Gaming Blog.

PC FormatBritish PC Format will preview Penumbra: Overture in their March issue, on sale within two weeks.

KGNFor all German speaking readers, visit Krawall Gaming Network for their Penumbra: Overture preview.

4PlayersFor all German speaking readers, visit 4Players.de for their Penumbra: Overture preview.

GameZoneFor all German speaking readers, visit Gamezone for their Penumbra: Overture preview.

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