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More previews & the review version has left the building

Here are the latest previews from last week. For adventure fans the Eurogamer preview can be an interesting read as it spawned a discussion as to where the adventure genre is heading and where it should be heading. We don't see ourselves as primarily creating a game that's an adventure game, but nevertheless an interesting discussion. Speaking of previews, we finished the review version of Penumbra: Overture last week! It's basically the final version with some minor defects and no localized versions of the text/audio. It's getting close!

Eurogamer "So we're intrigued. Of course, put in context these might all be novel gimmicks, or more optimistically, examples of what other games need to be doing." -Eurogamer.

SI"A dark puzzled-packed horror adventure makes for an interesting game especially when it utilizes a physics heavy game engine to make all those creepy noises and motions all the more, well, creepy-like." -Strategy Informer.

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