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Reviews for the masses!

Penumbra: Overture is available in more and more countries as the days pass by, we were initially hoping for a bit more organized release, but oh well, as long as the game is getting out there! Enjoy the latest reviews!

Destructoid "All around, though, I have to say that it's relatively easy to look past these flaws and appreciate what, at its heart, is a clever, original, unorthodox take on the horror and adventure genres. If you're in the mood for something new, Overture will not disappoint. Personally, I'm looking forward to episode two already." -Destructoid.com.

Jucaushii A Romanian review that is also available in an English version.

Punta e clicca An Italian review in puntaeclicca.com.

4players A German review is available at 4players.de.

Games Welt Another German review at Gameswelt.de.

Level CZ For the Czechs there is a review in issue 151 of LEVEL.

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