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Latest reviews

A collection of reviews for your reading pleasure.

1UP.com - English
"Penumbra: Black Plague combines puzzles and horror to create a game that is probably unlike anything you've played. It's a little bit like a brain-training game, only between lessons you fray your nerves (in a good way) as you jump and pause at every little noise."

GameZone.com - English
"What also sells the game are the sound effects that lurk in the background. Turn the volume up to experience the creepiness of the situation."

StrategyInformer.com - English
"At the end of the day however, this is a different experience to almost any other first-person title out there, and for that reason alone we can definitely recommend any PC owner to give it a try."

GameChronicles.com - English
" It’s sad to hear that this will be the last Penumbra title but it is definitely on my list of the creepiest games that I have ever played."

GamingExcellence.com - English
"This brings me to the real star of Penumbra: its great atmosphere and sense of immersion. There’s no heads-up display showing your health or anything other information; all you see your flashlight/glowstick/flare, the only shield you have against the pitch black."

For all Finns there is a review over at edome and for Italians you can find a review over at nextgame.

Current metacritic.com score, 79.

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