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A penumbra soup of mixed news

Latest reviews
Computer Active - English

"A great combination of brain-teasing riddles and p sychological chills, Penumbra Black Plague is definitely worth exploring..."
Retry.se - Swedish
"Allt detta sköts väldigt bra; det lugna tempot, de intressanta pusslen och den kusliga stämningen är verkligen som gjorda för varandra."
VG Nett - Norwegian
"Ved hjelp av en god og spennende historie, et fantastisk lydbilde og ekle, isolerte miljøer, skapes en skikkelig guffen stemning."
For UK folks the latest issue(185) of PC Gamer has a review of Penumbra: Black Plague and for all Czechs LEVEL is including a full two page review in issue 162.

IGN.com has posted a video review, be warned that the video contains quite a lot of spoilers. It's essentially the same review as the previously reported written review.

Frictional News
For a while we have been only two people here at Frictional Games, but since last week we are back to the norm of being three. Marc has been working with us for some time, but now he is a steady member of our company fiddling away on the graphics side. If things go as planned we might soon extend the employee list further!

We don't do everything internally here at Frictional, we also work with a nice collection of individuals and companies from around the world. Most notably Tom the writer, Mikko the composer, Luis the audio coder and Edward the porter for the Linux & Mac versions.

On the topic of Frictional Games, for those interested we have a Work Log in the forum where Thomas is currently posting about his progress on the new engine, dubbed HPL2.

Demo & Release
Having read this far? Oh my, well better make the best of it and repeat that the demo for Penumbra: Black Plague is out! The full game is to be released in stores across EU on the 15th of February and on the 12th for US and Gamer's Gate, remember that all good nightmares begin at midnight.

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Penumbra: Black Plague Demo Released!

Two news post in one day, oh my!

The Penumbra: Black Plague Demo is out, go to the Penumbra: Black Plague site for a nice and long list of high quality mirrors!

While you are waiting for the download to finish you can enjoy another review over at GamersUniverse.com.

"Penumbra: Black Plague is an impressive first person horror survival title. It has a great story with a strong finale, and an impressive physics engine that rivals those of other games with larger budgets. It’s full of intuitive puzzles and a creepy atmosphere and Black Plague, contrary to most games, plays with your senses and absorbs you into its frantic and paranoid world."

Oh, if you enjoyed the demo and have not played Penumbra: Overture, why not take the opportunity to try the demo or maybe even buy the game? There is just enough time to complete Overture while waiting for Black Plague to be released!

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Penumbra: Black Plague Reviews

It's only about 1 week to go before Penumbra: Black Plague is released and the first couple of reviews have started to come in.

IGN.com -English Score: 7.7/10
FZ.se -Swedish Score: 4/5 +Safe Buy Medal!
GamePlayer.se -SwedishScore: 7/10
Level7.nu -Swedish Score: 6/10
Corren.se -Swedish Score: 7/10

There is also an article on IGN.com about the state of the adventure genre, mentioning Penumbra: Black Plague quite a bit.

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Penumbra: Black Plague website, game final, latest previews and more!

Let's see, many things to report about but will keep it short and to the point.

At the beginning of January we sent the final version of Penumbra: Black Plague to Paradox Interactive, so indeed the news about the 12th of February for a North America release is correct and the 15th of February is set to be the European date. Exactly what part of Europe this is remains to be seen, we personally have our fingers crossed for Sweden!

We have also finished our little site for Penumbra: Black Plague, you can find it here. It's nothing fancy beyond a short presentation of the game and purchase information. The site is of particular use if you are a Mac or Linux user, as this is where you will be able to get Penumbra: Black Plague when it is done. When that is? Well, the work is in progress so we are hoping that within a month or so of the Windows release there should be a Linux and Mac release.

A third Dev Diary was released a couple of days ago, if you want to get a little insight on how the physics was implemented in Penumbra: Black Plague you should read it.

And last we have some new previews to let you know about, these are probably the last previews as the reviews might come any day now!




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Penumbra: Overture released for Mac OS X, better late than never!

Helsingborg, Sweden - January 10th 2008

Finally we at Frictional Games can proudly present the finished version of Penumbra: Overture, previously released on Windows and Linux, for Mac OS X.

Penumbra: Overture is a first person adventure game, rendered in real-time with advanced physics, featuring an intriguing story with a dark and disturbing atmosphere. Penumbra: Overture has been considered to be one of the scariest games of 2007 and is now available as a universal binary for Mac OS X.

Our initial plan to release for all platforms within a short time period unfortunately didn't follow through as we encountered many difficulties with getting things to work properly on the Mac. But from a more positive point of view, most ground work has now been laid out, and for our future games we can commit to a continued support for all platforms.

For more info on Penumbra: Overture visit:

Download the demo of Penumbra: Overture from:

Buy the full game for $19.99 here:

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