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Preview extravaganza and part two of our dev diary.

To get the new year rolling we have a bunch of previews to report about, suiting for English as well as German speaking readers. So far the overall tone in the previews keep it positive!

IGN.com -English

Avault.com -English

Gamevortex.com -English

Gbase.ch -German

Gamecaptain.de -German

Part two in our developers diary talks about the voice acting in Penumbra: Black Plague as well as various technical issues and solutions. Read it here!

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HaptX edition released, Novint Falcon review & Frictional Games interview.

haptx imageJust in time for the Holidays the HaptX edition of Penumbra: Overture was released and is available for purchase over at N Vent store. This version of Penumbra: Overture enables the user to play the game using the neat Novint Falcon game controller. Penumbra: Overture HaptX edition is more than a mere controller update, it has several new features and tweaks to make the best of the Falcon.

To get an in-depth look at the Falcon and how it works with Penumbra: Overture, check out this very detail review by Bit-Tech.net.

Adventure Classic Gaming did an interview with us a while back, it's quite a long read and it digs deep down into the gritty details of FG, Penumbra and other related topics! Read it here.

Happy New Year!

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A preview and new screens

New screens of Penumbra: Black Plague was released today! You can find them all over at GamersHell.com.

There is also a preview of Penumbra: Black Plague to be found at GWN.com. For those able to read Norwegian there is an in-depth preview/interview over at Gamer.no.

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New teaser and previews

Yesterday the first actual trailer of Penumbra: Black Plague was released! Be sure to take a look, there might be some new stuff in it!

You can also download the original full size movie from GamersHell.com.

We have four previews to report about, or rather four if you can read english, german and swedish.

Gamezone.com - English
4Players.de - German
Gameplayer.se - Swedish
Gamepad.se -Swedish

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A-Vault interview with new info and screens from Penumbra: Black Plague.

A quick news post about an interview that you can find over at Adrenaline Vault. Hopefully you will find it a good read containing some new information about Penumbra: Black Plague.

This whole week is a Penumbra: Black Plague week over at A-Vault, so make sure you visit them regularly to find more goodies about game. Next up should be a Dev diary series in two parts!

Interview snippet

"Will the ingenious physics-based puzzles seen in the original Penumbra continue in Black Plague?

Without a doubt! We’ve added more physics puzzles and less inventory-based challenges to the game. It’ll definitely be more hands-on with the physics. We’ve even added being able to rotate objects you hold, resulting in a much greater level of control than before."

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