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Penumbra: Overture Release PR

(Helsingborg Sweden, 9th Mars 2007) The Swedish independent game company, Frictional Games, proudly announces that Penumbra: Overture - Episode One has gone gold today and has been sent off to manufacturing.

A Demo for the game has also been released and the English version can be downloaded from: Get the Demo!

Penumbra: Overture is an innovative first person survival horror game using advanced physics interaction. Instead of relying on combat as the main gameplay element Penumbra focuses on puzzles, exploration and enemies have to be dealt with by using wits rather than brute strength. This creates a unique experience in an atmospheric and scary game world.

Penumbra tells the story of Philip, who in search of his presumed dead father uncovers more than he could ever had imagined. Trapped in an underground complex below the icy wastelands of Greenland, Philip needs to not only fight for his survival, but for his sanity as well.

Penumbra: Overture is to be released in episodes during 2007-2008, the first being released the 30th this month. More information can be found at: Penumbra-Overture.com

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The last previews

A short news post about what is most likely the three last previews for Penumbra: Overture, as a couple of weeks ago we sent out the review version. Enjoy!

PCG Zine Download the latest edition of PCGZine to read the preview. PCGZine is a free online magazine distributed as a pdf file.

LOOKI Another interesting German review, check it out if you speak their tongue!

Doupe Last but not least, a Czech preview!

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More previews & the review version has left the building

Here are the latest previews from last week. For adventure fans the Eurogamer preview can be an interesting read as it spawned a discussion as to where the adventure genre is heading and where it should be heading. We don't see ourselves as primarily creating a game that's an adventure game, but nevertheless an interesting discussion. Speaking of previews, we finished the review version of Penumbra: Overture last week! It's basically the final version with some minor defects and no localized versions of the text/audio. It's getting close!

Eurogamer "So we're intrigued. Of course, put in context these might all be novel gimmicks, or more optimistically, examples of what other games need to be doing." -Eurogamer.

SI"A dark puzzled-packed horror adventure makes for an interesting game especially when it utilizes a physics heavy game engine to make all those creepy noises and motions all the more, well, creepy-like." -Strategy Informer.

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A wide variety of previews

Another week has passed and even more previews of Penumbra: Overture are available for your reading pleasure. You can feel the air getting thicker as the release date is getting closer!

Gamespot "Combined with an oppressive atmosphere and a high level of interactivity, this makes for a gameworld that we look forward to getting immersed in more." -GameSpot.

TGSN"However, should an enemy come running towards you, the only real option is to turn away and crouch down, avoiding the possibility they’ll catch the glint of your eyes. This will make hearing the creatures creeping around you one of the most tense experiences in gaming, just waiting for the blow to knock your character into submission, or the sound of clawsteps wandering back the way they came." -The Gaming Shack Network.

BGB"Everything feels right, and it adds to the personal viewpoint of the game. You are the character in Penumbra, and every little atmospheric technique draws you further into the shoes of the main character." -British Gaming Blog.

PC FormatBritish PC Format will preview Penumbra: Overture in their March issue, on sale within two weeks.

KGNFor all German speaking readers, visit Krawall Gaming Network for their Penumbra: Overture preview.

4PlayersFor all German speaking readers, visit 4Players.de for their Penumbra: Overture preview.

GameZoneFor all German speaking readers, visit Gamezone for their Penumbra: Overture preview.

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New previews

During the last week four previews of Penumbra: Overture appeared, three of them you can read on the web and one is in the March 2007 issue of PC Zone.

GX gaming "Right from the get go this game is a stunner coming from a development team of 4 people, that’s right, just 4 developers created something as addictive and enthralling as the game looks to be from the preview code we received." -Games Xtreme.

VG Reloaded"However the game did lead me with an claustrophobic atmosphere that made me uncomfortable when walking down dark corridors, even though I had a walkthrough handed to me and knew that there were no enemies down there...I still felt that feeling of discomfort and that's when you've got a powerful tool that you can wield to your advantage." -Videogames Reloaded.

PC Zone"It's brainache captured on a shiny disc, a compendium of things that would annoy you in other, faster-paced games - but this time, it's strangely part of the appeal." -PC Zone, March 2007 Issue.

PAL Gaming"There wasn't a huge amount to the preview build, it was fairly short, but what was provided showed a promising game that, if the small development team can polish up between now and the release will have an interesting first part of a trilogy of games on their hands." -PAL Gaming.

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