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Test Penumbra: Overture Audio

It seems there was enough time for one more post this year after all!

As the audio engine in Penumbra: Overture has been redone to utilize OpenAL there is an urge to have it checked on as many computers as possible. Visit this thread to download the test and report your findings either directly in the thread or to the e-mail address given in the documentation.

Happy Hollidays!

The last news post for the year will be a short one. First, we at Frictional Games would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday!

During the holiday season you might get an urge to have something to read, perhaps while you are traveling to relatives in an Internet enabled vehicle of some sort. Dear Thomas thought of this and has recently done an interview that you can read over at Pro-G.

Last we have released three new screens of Penumbra: Overture. You'll find them at the official site, www.penumbra-overture.com, not to be confused with other recently registered penumbra overture sites...

See you all next year!

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Physics video & Developers diary

During the Adventure Developers Online Conference we released a video demonstrating the physics interaction we have developed for Penumbra: Overture. It also offers a first peak at in-game gameplay from the game.

You can see the video over at GameTrailers.com or choose any of the download options found on the official Penumbra: Overture site.

gx imageThe first in a series of four developers diary entries have been published over at GamesExtreme.net. During these last months before Penumbra: Overture is released you'll get the opportunity to read about how life progresses here on Frictional Farm. In this first entry Thomas writes about how Penumbra came to be and gives an overall introduction to the game. As we write the diary there will most likely not be any updates to our own blog, but the diary should be a nice substitute and the blog sparely missed.

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Adventure Developers Online Conference 2006

Adventure Developers Online Conference 2006 will start next week on Monday the 27th. Frictional Games will of course be there and do our little thing on Wednesday the 29th, starting at 17.00 GMT. Currently we are preparing new media and info on Penumbra: Overture, all to be released at the event. Not only will you get interesting things to read, you will also get to see some new in-game videos. As we don't want to spoil any parts of the game's actual gameplay, the videos will be of modified areas from certain parts of the game. Rest assured it will be actual in-game features!

During the four days event there will be many companies, individuals and organizations participating and talking about all things adventure gaming. It's highly recommended that you drop by and check out everything that will be happening. The event will take part in the Adventure Europe forums, more details on participants and schedule can be found here.

adoc image

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Media coverage October & new screen

The month of October has been a busy month for us, especially with media relations! So for all those interested we have a quite nice list of high profile sites that have done interviews and features on Penumbra: Overture. Especially take note of CVG and GameSpot as they have exclusive material in form of new screens and even a teaser can be found on EuroGamer TV.

image CVG -Exclusive screens
EuroGamer -Exclusive teaser
GameSpot -Exclusive screens
The Game Chair
Adventure Europe German
Adventureinsel German
Plné hry Czech

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