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We're Back!

After a three weeks downtime we are now back online on a new server. We're sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused!

Things should be running smooth but if you find something odd please let us know.

We are currently working on bringing the dev wiki back, the hub for all information regarding creating modifications with the HPL engine. While you wait for that, why not lurk around in the forum or play Penumbra one more time?

Media round-up week 30

In the coming month Penumbra will be on the following magazines cover CD/DVD, some of them will also include previews, features and interviews.
  • Germany
    • PC Action, PC Games or PC Games Hardware, not sure which one it will be in.
  • Poland
    • Max Kids
  • South Africa
    • PC Format
  • UK
    • PC Zone - October issue, on sale 17th August
  • USA
    • PC Gamer - Issue 151
    • Computer Gaming World Magazine - Issue 265

You can find reviews at Adrenelan, FreeWar Zone and at Gamer Andy where you'll also find a Q&A session with us. For those interested in even more bedtime reading you can find features at Gamespy.com and Download.com. Penumbra was also included in GameTunnels July 2006 monthly round-up. We were really looking forward to this one, but unfortunately two out of three reviewers didn't have the computer required to play the game, hence the lack of a verdict. For our Japanese visitors 4Gamer.net has written something as well, exactly what we do not know but the author Ryuichi assured us it was something nice!

We are working away on our little project, most likely there will be a quick-fix released soon that will repair some minor bugs found in the current version of Penumbra. Furthermore, the first baby steps have been taken to bring Penumbra to Linux and Mac OS X, no actual code has been ported yet but contacts have been made, if nothing unforeseen occur we can happily bring you news on it's progress at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.

100 000 visitors & downloads


There you have it! In about three weeks over 100 000 visitors have come here looking for Penumbra, the same amount of people have also downloaded the game through various major download sites. This is of course really great for us and we send out our biggest thanks to all the people that have played the game, spread the word and helped us out.

Right now we are hard at work with some new stuff that will be revealed very soon. Make sure to check in regulary for upcoming fun and interesting things.

Since we do not have a credits list in-game, we want to take a moment and show the names of the people that made Penumbra possible.

The team behind the original Penumbra release

Core Team Contributors

Anton Adamse
Thomas Grip
Jens Nilsson
Martin Thorzén

Theodor Berg -Models
Troy Gusler -Models & Texture
Mike Hillard -Intro Voice
Nicklas Mattisson -Intro images

Olof Strand -Models & Texture
Erik Sundström -Ambient Music
Mikko Tarmia -Intro & Theme Music


Chris Bates
Mikael Hedberg
Stefan Molin
Luis Rodero

Benny Samuelsson
"Grey ZZZ"

Penumbra in the media

For those with limited internet access we have good news, Penumbra will be on the cover CD/DVD of quite a few European magazines. If Penumbra is not in the current issue it will be in the next. Here is a list of the magazines that we know about:
  • Germany
    • PC WELT
  • Greece
    • PC Magazine Greek Edition
  • Italy
    • The Games Machine
  • Portugal
    • Mega Score issue 131
    • BGamer issue 98
  • Ukraine
    • Domashny PK
    • Gameplay

Planet Freeplay has done an interview with us and recently published it for your reading pleasure. Two reviews can be found at DNC Games-Magazine and Soft32.com. We have also learned that we were part of last Wednesday GIGA Maxx show broadcasted on the German TV network GIGA. Have not seen it ourselves, but hopefully it was a good show.

During the next couple of weeks, if all goes as planned, Penumbra/Frictional Games will appear in additional features. Stay tuned for more information!

Penumbra 1.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Penumbra 1.1. The new version is available as a patch and a full install, both can be downloaded from our Penumbra downloads section.

Patch Info
Extended graphic cards support: GeForce 3/4 and Radeon 8500-9200 as well as all previously supported cards.
Language support: Now supports several different languages. A big Thank You to the community for the translations.
Extended options: All effects can now be set in-game, allowing users to tweak them for best possible game experience.
Fixes and additions: A general overhaul of the game fixing reported issues and bugs as well as adding some minor new additions to the game.

Mod Tools
We have also released the tools and documentation required to create modifications to Penumbra. To get everyone started we have added tutorials and opened a new section in our forums for mod creators to use. We hope this will stimulate the interest and growth of a mod community. The tools and documentation can be downloaded from our Penumbra modification section.

Other info
Last but not least we have created a new web-site containing more information about us and Penumbra. The site also includes a section for blogs written by the developers to enable a steady flow of information for those interested.

To keep up with the latest happenings we encourage our users to register at the forum. During the last couple of weeks the forum users have had a chance to try out the new patch and tools before being officially released. This has given us valuable information and allowed us to make the final public release of higher quality.

Frictional Games
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